Scientists at the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute  in collaboration with Aviratek have develop botanical-based  therapeutics for the treatments of herpes virus infections, for those  associated with cold sores (typically HSV-1) and genital lesions  (typically HSV-2).  With the use of modern scientific technology, these  scientists have formulated blends of six unique botanicals which are  able to inhibit herpes virus replication at multiple targets thereby  rapidly and effectively killing the virus.  The outcome of this  multi-pronged attack on the virus is dramatically decreased healing time  of viral-associated cold sores and lesions.  In addition, this  proprietary blend of botanicals was designed to include plants with  active molecules that reduce pain and inflammation typically observed  with cold sores and genital lesions.  These ingredients provide rapid  relief of these painful symptoms and decrease swelling at the infection  site.  With the scientific foundation behind this therapy, the product  is always standardized providing consistent and reliable effectiveness.   From this, ancient medicine lost in folklore has become a modern science based therapy for today's world.


 Two botanical products have come to be as a result of this incredible research.

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Millions  of people around the world suffer from periodic outbreaks of cold sores  and other skin eruptions that many times will last for days. Pain from  these eruptions can be debilitating and distracting that may keep you  away from work or having fun with friends.

How is the treatment applied?

A  special formulated natural gel is applied topically to the area where  the Herpes cold sore outbreak or other skin eruptions are occurring 2 to  3 times daily until lesions go away. Usually the duration of the  eruptions is shortened significantly in virtually all cases, if used properly.

I heard that if I apply this gel to the affected area BEFORE the eruptions occur, the lesions usually do not erupt at all!

Correct.  It has been frequently reported that people who “feel the Herpes  lesions coming” and before eruptions have occurred, have seen complete  reversal of the symptoms in less than 2 days…without any eruptions at  all!

Does it help with pain?

Yes! A natural pain reliever is naturally in the treatment gel to help reduce pain within a few hours without pain medication added whatsoever. 

I  see advertisements all the time about treatments for Cold Sores/Herpes  and other skin eruptions in people, but none of them actually work. What  is different here?

Renowned  scientists at Arizona State University Biodesign Institute have done  hundreds of high level scientific experiments to show how this natural  gel actually kills the virus. Additionally, every production lot of the  natural source material is tested for activity and standardized in the  ASU Biodesign Institute. Manufacturing is done at a separate  manufacturing facility under strict controls to assure a consistent  product…every time.

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