About Aviratek

  Aviratek Biomedical Solutions, LLC (“Aviratek”) is an Arizona company formed to further the research, development and marketing of botanical products developed over the past five years at Arizona State University (“ASU”) by the Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology Department in conjunction with the Biodesign Institute Center. ASU houses one of the very few bio-safety level 3 containment laboratories in the country.  Aviratek has acquired an exclusive license from the Arizona Company owned by the ASU Scientists who have made the discoveries whereby Aviratek has the exclusive rights to market the products.

The ASU Scientists have filed a new provisional patent application which includes some of the more recent discoveries.  The Arizona company owned by the ASU Scientists is a part owner of Aviratek and will continue to be involved in all aspects of the development and marketing of the Aviratek products. As new  discoveries are made by the ASU Scientists concerning additional botanical products, those discoveries will be included in the agreement between the Arizona company owned by the ASU Scientists and Aviratek. Aviratek is proud to be associated with the ASU Scientist and looks forward to a long lasting relationship with them.

Mission Statement

Current  work is directed with an emphasis in botanical-based therapies for  significant human and animal viral diseases including:

  • Herpes viruses (including herpes simplex-1 ‘cold sores’, herpes simplex-2 ‘genital herpes’, and varicella-zoster ‘shingles’)
  • Papilloma  viruses (including those associated with cervical cancer and dysplasia,  actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma, genital warts, and  common/plantar warts)
  • Poxviruses (including emerging monkeypox, molluscum contagiosum and the significant bioterror threat of smallpox)

Our goals are to:

  • Identify, test and screen worldwide botanicals for anti-viral and anti-cancer activity
  • Characterize the activity and identify the mechanism of action of these botanicals for anti-viral and anti-cancer activity
  • Perform standardization and quality control of all botanical extracts
  • Isolate and identify active constituent(s)
  • Design, implement and analyze clinical studies